Yes, you can.

To replace the Joolz Geo Handlebar, please follow the below instructions.

Tools required -

 • No 2 Phillips head screwdriver

 • Drill with 5.5 mm drill bit

 • Double handed riveter -


1. Using a no. 2 Phillips screwdriver, remove the height adjustment levers. Carefully remove the screw & plastic washer, then lift off the height adjuster lever.



2. Using a drill with a 5.5mm drill bit, drill out the rivet on each side of the handlebar as indicated in the below diagram



3. Now carefully slide the handlebar off the handle arms



4. To install the new handlebar, firstly attach the new handlebar to the handle arms



5. Align the lug on the back of the height adjuster lever and insert it into the eye-hook of the height adjustment cable, as indicated in the below diagram. Repeat this on the other side


6. Using a double-handed riveter, fix the rivet on each side of the handlebar



Please contact us if you have any further questions.